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Buck's story is somewhat different than the rest of the dogs we own. Trena Cardwell was at the 2006 GSCA National Championship in Wisconsin with an entire litter of puppies. At the time they were 5 months old. She offered two males to us to "grow out". We took her up on the offer and named the boys Buck and Flash. The litter has a ZZ Top theme, Chukarhill Buck Nekkid and Chukarhill Exposed.

So we grew the boys out, we ran them as puppy's and derby's. Flash got his puppy points early on, and nearly got his derby points the same weekend. Buck, well he was another story. He has to be as close to a true All Age Gordon Setter there is, and he was All-Age as a puppy derby. We look for a big future for Buck, as a competitor and as a stud.

Buck has decided it's time for a brag page. A Brag Page

You can track Buck's trial placements here.

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Thought that some of you might enjoy a picture of Buck's brother ZZ. ZZ (aka Chukarhill Sharpdressed Man) won the 2012 GSCA National Amateur Championship. ZZ is owned by Trena Cardwell and was handled by the Wyndancer crew to the win. Handled by Dan and scouted by Becky. Dan also handled Buck to Runner Up in the 2012 National Amateur Championship.

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